wireless Carplay box with Mirror link USB video Apple Carplay Plug and Play carplay ai box for Audi VW Ford Hyundai Skoda


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  • Brand Name: D-NOBLE
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Din: One Din
  • Certification: CE
  • Display Size: 8"
  • Display Size: 9"
  • Display Size: 10"
  • Digital Media Format: Video CD
  • Digital Media Format: Mp3
  • Digital Media Format: Mp4
  • Digital Media Format: JPEG
  • Item Weight: 0.5kg
  • Special Features: bluetooth
  • Special Features: Built-in GPS
  • Special Features: MP3 Players
  • Special Features: Touch Screen
  • For Vehicle Brands/Model: universal
  • Item Size: 13*9*8cm
  • ROM: 2g
  • Model Name: CP21
  • Interface: Type-c
  • OSD Language: Chinese (Simplified)
  • OSD Language: Chinese (Traditional)
  • OSD Language: english
  • model: CP21
  • Feature 1: 5G WIFI
  • Feature 2: Wireless Carplay
  • feature 3: Mirror Link

5G wireless Carplay box with Mirror link USB video wireless Carplay Plug and Play carplay ai box for Audi VW Ford Hyundai Skoda


1. Cp-21 is small in size, non-destructive installation, supports carplay of the original car, adapts to various car models, truly does not affect the original car's warranty, and can be used with peace of mind.

2. Three major functions:
(1)video delivery,
(2)WiFi link mirroring screen projection,
(3)Bluetooth link wireless carplay
(solving the defect that carplay can't cast screen video on the market), the user experience is quite European.

3. Wireless carplay is connected to the mobile phone, and the original car system is directly connected to the original car via USB. Keep the original car's sound quality, support original car touch, knob control, Siri voice, after connecting once, it will automatically connect each time, saving the trouble of plugging in the wired CarPlay every time, and the frequent plugging and plugging of the iPhone will cause the phone plug to be damaged);

4. Support the latest Ios14 function, which is not affected by the continuous upgrade of the later IOS system and can be used normally

5. one set of wireless CarPlay, mobile phone screen projection (Apple IOS systems phones can project full screen to the original car screen) + USB playback (plug in U disk for video and music)

6. The built-in 5G-WiFi module transmission ensures that the wireless CarPlay connection is smooth, not stuck, and uninterrupted.

7. Support wireless CarPlay function. Click Media Cast under the original wireless CarPlay system to start to the second system. The two systems can be switched freely (2 minutes waiting, don’t worry)

8. Built-in Bluetooth function, when playing music via USB under the second system, the incoming call will activate Bluetooth.

Attention 1:

Please make a sure your IPhone phone has already connected with the same WiFi with the Car radio before any operated .


Please choose the right model at the bottom of the most detailed page to buy it , or ask customer service whether to support your car model before purchasing.

Attention 3:

Please attention : If your phone is Android System .Please check your phone support the phone cast (Mirror Projection) .if your Android Phone is not support . (please don't choose this products ) or you can thinks about changing an Android phone which supports the original phone cast (Mirror Projection)

Attention 4:

For the first connection, if there is no way to connect or there is no prompt on the screen, please don't worry. Wait for about five minutes for the smart box to automatically recognize and adapt to the car model, then unplug the plug-in line and connect again. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service in time.

IPhone screen projection

1. Click the [Apple Projection] button, and make sure that the phone and the projector are connected to the same Wi-Fi or hotspot.

2. Open the control center of the iPhone and click the [Screen mirroring] button.

3. Select [Smart TP_xxxx] to connect.

Wireless Carplay connection

1. Click the [CarPlay] button on the homepage to enter the wireless CarPlay tutorial. Currently, this function is only supported on Apple phones.

2. Click the [Connect BT] button, after a short loading, the screen will switch back to the original car. (Note, the system will restart during this process and it takes about 90 seconds). When connected, it will automatically connect to the wireless CarPlay function every time you get in the car.

This is for the IOS system to use the phone cast

Please attention it only support part Android phone which support the phone cast

This is for the part Android phone with the Phone cast

Please use your original phone Mirror projection function. and connect with the same Wifi for your car radio and phone. and open the phone Mirror projection function. next please make a sure that your phone will search the same name to begin the phone cast . and you can click to connect .

These are the Car Brand ,Model Supported Car Supported Year and Remarks


Audi A3 2017-2020
Audi A4 2017-2020
Audi A5 2017-2020
Audi A6 2017-2020
Audi A7 2017-2020
Audi A8 2018-2020
Audi Q2 2017-2020
Audi Q3 2019-2020
Audi Q5 2018-2020
Audi Q7 2017-2020
Audi Q8 2018-2020
Audi RS 2018-2020
Audi R8 2017-2020
Audi TT 2017-2020
Audi e-tron 2019


BMW X3 2017-2020
BMW X4 2017-2020
BMW X5 2017-2020
BMW X6 2017-2020


Benz A 2016-2020
Benz B 2016-2020
Benz C 2017-2020
Benz GLA 2018-2020
Benz E 2017-2020
Benz E Cabriolet 2017-2020
Benz E Coupe 2017-2020
Benz E300 2018-2020
Benz S 2018-2020
Benz CLA 2018-2020
Benz CLS 2018-2020
Benz GLC 2018-2020
Benz GLE 2018-2020
Benz GLS 2018-2020
Benz G 2018-2020
Benz R 2018-2020
Benz SLC 2018-2020
Benz S350 2018-2020
Benz SL 2018-2020


Porsche Macan 2018-2020
Porsche Cayenne 2018-2020
Porsche Cayenne GET 2018-2020
Porsche Panamera 2018-2020
Panamera GET 2018-2020
Porsche 718 Boxster 2018-2020
Porsche 911 2018-2020


Volvo S60 2020
Volvo S90 2019-2020
Volvo XC60 2019-2020
Volvo XC40 2020
Volvo XC90 2019-2020
Volvo V60 2020
Volvo V90 2020


Cadillac ATS-L 2018-2020
Cadillac XTS 2018-2020
Cadillac XT4 2018-2020
Cadillac XT5 2018-2020
Cadillac CT6 2018-2020
Cadillac CT6 PLUG-IN 2018-2020
Cadillac ESCALADE 2018-2020


Buick Excelle 2018-2020
Buick Excelle XT 2018-2020
Buick Excelle GT 2018-2020
Buick Verano 2018-2020
Buick Regal 2018-2020
Buick La crosse 2018-2020
Buick Enclave 2018-2020
GL6 2018-2020
GL8 2019-2020


Chevrolet Equinox 2018-2020
Chevrolet CRUZE 2018-2020
Camero 2018-2020
Traverse 2018-2020
Colorado 2018-2020
Trax 2018-2020
Bolt 2018-2020
Malibu 2018-2020
Chevrolet Malibu XL 2018-2020


VW Polo 2018-2020
VW Golf 7 2015-2020
VW Golf Sportsvan 2015-2020
VW Jetta 2016-2020
VW Variant 2015-2020
VW Passat CC 2015-2020
VW Passat B8 2015-2020
VW Touran 2015-2020
VW Tiguan 2015-2020
VW Passat B8 2015-2020
VW T-ROC 2018-2020
VW Cross 2018-2020
VW Crafter 2018-2020
VW Amarok 2018-2020
VW Teramont 2016-2020
VW Sharan 2017-2020
VW Beetle 2016-2019
VW Caravelle 2018-2020
VW Multivan T6 2016-2020
VW Touareg 2018-2020


Seat Ibiza 2016-2020
Seat Arona 2018-2020
Seat Leon 2018-2020
Seat Ateca 2016-2020
Seat Alhambra 2018-2020


Skoda OCTAVIA 2015-2020
Skoda SuperB 2015-2020
Skoda KAROQ 2018-2020
Skoda KODIAQ 2018-2020


Peugeot 308 2018-2020
Peugeot 408 2018-2020
Peugeot 508 2018-2020
Peugeot 2008 2018-2020
Peugeot 4008 2018-2020
Peugeot 5008 2018-2020


Citroen C4 Sega 2018-2021
Citroen C3 XR 2018-2020
Citroen C3 2018-2020
Citroen C4L 2018-2020
Citroen C5 2018-2020
Citroen Berlingo Multispace 2016-2020
Citroen C4 2016-2020
Citroen C5 Break 2016-2020
Citroen C6 2016-2020
Citroen Spacetourer 2016-2020
Citroen C3 Air Cross 2017-2020
Citroen C4 Cactus 2017-2020
Citroen C4 Lounge 2017-2020
Citroen C4 Spacetourer 2017-2020
Citroen C Elysee 2017-2020
Citroen C Quatre 2017-2020
CITROEN C6 2018-2020
Citroen C4 Air Cross 2018-2020
Citroen C5 Air Cross 2018-2020
Citroen C6 Air Cross 2018-2022


Honda CIVIC 2018-2020
Honda XR-V 2018-2020
Honda UR-V 2018-2020
Honda Accord 2018-2020
Honda Avancier 2018-2020


Nissna Kicks 2018-2020
Nissna Qashqai 2019-2020
Nissna X-Trail 2019-2020
Nissna Sylphy 2019-2020
Nissna Altima 2019-2020
Nissna Murano 2018-2020


Toyota 2018-2020
Camry 2018-2020
Corolla 2018-2020
Highlander 2018-2020
Tacoma 2018-2020


Mustang 2018-2020
Ford Fiesta 2017-2019
Ford Focus 2017-2019
Ford Taurus 2017-2019
Ford Escape 2017-2020
Ford Fusion 2017-2020
Ford Transit 2017-2020
Ford Edge 2018-2020
Ford Explorer 2018-2020
Ford Expedition 2018-2020
Ford F-150 2018-2020


Santafe 2018-2020
Palisade 2018-2020
G80(Genesis) 2018-2020
G90(Genesis) 2018-2020
IG 2018-2020
DN8 2018-2020
Sonata 2018-2020


clio 5 2018-2020


Optima 2018-2020
K9 2018-2020
KX7 2018-2020
KX5 2018-2020
K5 2018-2020

More models being validated constanlty, please check with our associate


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