GPD P2 Max Portable Ultrabook mini pc notebook laptop 8.9inch Intel m3-8100Y Touch Screen WIN10 16GB RAM 1TB ROM WIN10 systerm


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  • Brand Name: GPD
  • Port: 3.5 mm Mic Jack
  • Port: 1*USB3.1 Type-C
  • Port: 2*USB3.0
  • Port: Micro HDMI-compatible
  • Video Memory Capacity: Main memory allocated memory
  • Display Size: 8.9
  • Display Ratio: 16:10
  • Screen Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 213X149X14mm
  • Hard Drive Capacity: 1TB
  • Weight (Battery Included): <1.5Kg
  • Hard Drive Type: SSD
  • Certification: CE
  • Item Condition: New
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 615
  • Graphics Card Model: Intel HD 615
  • Type: Ultraslim
  • CPU Brand/Model: Intel Core m3-8100Y
  • Package: Yes

What is the GPD P2 Max ?

GPD P2 Max is the world's smallest Ultrabook.
It is same size as iPad mini 4, 8.9-inch 2560x 1600 resolution, 340ppi.
It is with Intel the 8th gen core processor, 8~16GB memory, 256GB~512BM.2 NVMe SSD.
It is with fingerprint-unlock supported, QWERTY keyboard, integrated touchtablet Liquid cooling tube + fan, and PC level cooling solution.

We have launched P2 Max for the purpose of proving that the weight of Ultrabook can be controlled below 700g and 8.9 inches is enough!

10 Advantages of P2 Max

1.With  only a size of iPad mini 4 and only 650g net weight, about 50%    lighter than the mainstream Ultrabook.
2. A screen of only 8.9-inches, supporting 10-point touch control and stylus  input.
3. 2560*1600 (WQXGA) resolution ratio, 340ppi, retina-level screen.
4. The 8th-generation Intel core m3-8100Y processor.
5. 8GB~16GB memory, 256GB~512GB M.2 SSD.
6. Fingerprint unlock, standard "QWERTY" keyboard layout, integrated    touch tablet.
7. HD video calls in the 1600*1200 window.
8. Liquid cooling radiating pipe + fan, PC level cooling solution, with full    speed and never reducing frequency.
9. It only takes 10 seconds to download a 1GB movie.
10. It can play local 1080P video continuously for 8 hours.

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Why is the P2 Max a real Ultrabook?

It's only about the size of an iPad mini 4 and weighs 650g.

The body of GPD P2 Max is small, which is only 213mm*149.5mm*5.5~14.2mm.

The thinnest part of the body is only 5.5mm, which is only the size of an iPad mini 4, but the performance is better than that of Apple MacBook!

Compared with the mainstream Ultrabook, net weight of the body of GPD P2 Max is only 650g, which is only half the weight of the mainstream Ultrabook. With UNIBODYU unibody molding process and streamlined appearance design, it looks intellectual and fashionable, and can easily fit into the iPad mini 4 Storage bag.

It has an 8.9-inch screen and supports touch control and stylus input

You can fit an 8.9-inch screen into an 8-inch body, which owes to the InfinityEdge design. With a screen proportion of 80.9%, it provides a larger screen visual area, bringing broad vision, making you more concentrate on work and entertainment! Meanwhile, the screen is based on 10-point touch control, supports finger touch screen input and stylus input!

10-point touch control, touch screen, support stylus

2560×1600 resolution ratio, retina level screen

GPD P2 Max uses 2.5k adopts 2.5K fully fitted retina screen, IPS technology, has 100% sRGB gamut coverage and 178 degrees of wide viewing angle, 2560 1600 (WQXGA) resolution ratio, 16 :10 productivity ratio.
What is more, it is the only Ultrabook with a density of 340ppi pixel. High display density brings ultra-high simulation and rich graphic details so that your retina can not distinguish any pixel.

Fingerprint unlock

GPD P2 Max also supports fingerprint unlock.

It takes only about 1second to brighten screen and unlock.

"QWERTY" keyboard, integrated touch tablet

We provide  P2 Max Japanese keyboard character stickers for Japanese users.

The 8th generation Intel core m3-8100Y processor

Based on the 8th gen Intel core m3-8100Y processor, wholly-new 14 nm++ process technology, dual-core four-thread design, 4 MB l3 cache, OPI bus speed is up to 4 GT/s, and the peak data transmission/second is 4 x10 ^ 9 times. Built-in lntel 9.5th generation UHD Graphics 615 core display, 24 EU execution units, maximum 900MHz dynamic frequency, bandwidth being 33% higher than the previous generation, supporting 10-bit 4K VP9 film decoding, output 4K*2K/60p HD video through HDMI interface.

8GB~16GB memory, 256GB~512GB M.2 SSD

Although the body of P2 Max is small, we have never been stingy with the configuration. Two versions of 8GB/256GB SSD and 16GB/512GB SSDare provided, the SSD is based on M.2 Socket 3 / Socket 2 interface, 2280 specification, PCIe Gen 3.0 4 / SATA3 bus specification, NVMe 1.3 / AHCI transport protocols, and read-write speed is up to 1665.35MB/s and 1469.94MB/s respectively (standard configuration: PCIe Gen 3.0×4 bus,NVMe protocol SSD).

Conducting HD video calls in the 1600 x 1200 window

With original "spindle built-in camera", 2 million pixels, 1600 x 1200 maximum image resolution, receiving more light, with less noise, and clear picture quality, whether for selfie or video call, it has high quality performance in detail.

Liquid cooling tube + fan, PC cooling scheme, full speed without frequency reduction

Fully upgraded PC cooling solution, using new liquid cooling radiating tube, heat pipe volume increased by 23%, high-power turbofan, air flow significantly improved by 45%, fully releasing CPU performance!

It only takes 10 seconds to download a 1GB movie.

P2 Max has a built-in 2.4g /5G dual-band Wi-fi chip. With a dual-channel maximum transmission rate of 867Mbps and a download speed of nearly 108MB/s, it only takes 10 seconds to download a 1GB movie. It has built-in Bluetooth 4.2, compatible with Bluetooth 4.1, supports IPv6 connection option, making data transfer faster.

It can play local 1080P video continuously for 8 hours.

Endurance is the strength of GPD P2 Max. With about 9200mAh, 35Wh high-capacity polymer lithium batteries and 600Wh/L energy density, which means the long battery life, it can play local 1080P video for 8 hours continuously, giving you a sense of security from morning till night!

Standard 30W quick charge, supporting all mobile phone chargers.

Based on quick charge technology of PD 2.0, the 30W output power adapter can bring GPD P2 Max back to life at any time. Support any mobile phone charger and mobile power bank.

Product Application Filed

Whether you're traveling or not, turn on your Microsoft Office OneNote to record your inspirations, track them, take notes, edit web content, or customize your to-do list!

PS anywhere at any time, inspire your inspiration, creation is so simple!

When you are engaged in design work in any industry, such as civil construction, decoration, industrial drawing, engineering drawing, electronic industry, garment processing, etc, P2 Max is undoubtedly the best tool for productivity you can take with you!

Bring the office with you, free yourself of time and space, communicate with each other freely at anytime and anywhere, and you can work more easily and efficiently!

Monitor the trend of stock market, commodity futures and foreign exchange movements in real time. Time is money, seize every minute to grasp the stock trading point, improve the efficiency of investment, and finally become the winner of life.

P2 Max is an excellent e-reader, which supports reading via both landscape mode and portrait mode. Compared with the traditional e-book, it has a larger storage capacity, supports more software and formats, and provides huge number of books for you to download online at anytime, anywhere!

Brand Introduction

Our company specializes in developing game hardware devices in Shenzhen, China. GPD is our brand, and its full name is GamePad Digital, which came from the company's founder's idea of making the first game product. Service tenet of GPD brand is: based on the needs of market segment and orienting niche players, it provides personalized intelligent games and their peripheral products and services.


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