Carlinkit 2021New Wireless CarPlay Dongle USB Android Auto Navigation Player Smart Link Accessories For Refit Android System Car


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  • Brand Name: Carlinkit
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Din: One Din
  • Certification: CE
  • Certification: FCC
  • Certification: TGA
  • Certification: UL
  • Out Power: 1.0A
  • Max External Memory: 16G
  • Operating System: Android
  • Digital Media Format: CD
  • Digital Media Format: DVD-R/RW
  • Digital Media Format: DVD-RAM
  • Digital Media Format: Video CD
  • Digital Media Format: Mp3
  • Digital Media Format: Mp4
  • Digital Media Format: WMA
  • Digital Media Format: JPEG
  • RAM: 1g
  • Material Type: ABS Acrylic
  • TF/Micro SD Slot: 0
  • Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Item Weight: 96g
  • Special Features: bluetooth
  • Special Features: Built-in GPS
  • Special Features: CD-R
  • Special Features: Charger
  • Special Features: FM Transmitter
  • Special Features: Mobile Phone
  • Special Features: MP3 Players
  • Special Features: Radio Tuner
  • Special Features: Touch Screen
  • Special Features: TV
  • Special Feature: Built-In Speaker/Microphone
  • Special Feature: Wifi Function
  • Special Feature: Support Steering Wheel Control
  • Special Feature: Support 3G Network
  • Special Feature: Support 4G Network
  • Special Feature: Support Can-Bus
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Item Size: 78*32.6*13.7mm
  • Model Name: CPC200-Autokit
  • Interface: Type-A
  • OSD Language: Chinese (Simplified)
  • OSD Language: Chinese (Traditional)
  • OSD Language: Arabic
  • OSD Language: German
  • OSD Language: Russian
  • OSD Language: French
  • OSD Language: Dutch
  • OSD Language: Portuguese
  • OSD Language: Japanese
  • OSD Language: Turkish
  • OSD Language: Spanish
  • OSD Language: english
  • Other Name 1: Carplay Android Box
  • Other Name 2: Carplay AI Box
  • Other Name 3: Carplay Activator
  • Other Name 4: Carplay Adpater
  • Other Name 5: Android TV box
  • Other Name 6: Car Multimedia Player
  • Other Name 7: Car accessories
  • Other Name 8: Carplay2Air
  • Other Name 9: Carlinkit 3.0
  • Function 1: Bluetooth
  • Function 2: Charging
  • Function 3: Mirror link
  • Function 4: Apple Carplay
  • Function 5: Android Auto

Purchase Notice

❤ Before purchasing, please contact customer service and let Carlinkit judge whether the product is suitable for your car.

1. What is your model and year?
2. Is your car an Android car machine or an original car machine?

About Products

1. Easy to install, plug and play.
2. 5G processor, fast connection of the product.
3. You just need to get in the car and the product will automatically connect.
4. Support multiple mobile phones to switch to use.
5. Support online upgrades and solve your after-sales problems online.
6. Official authentic, 365 days warranty, professional after-sales customer service WhatsApp +86 181 9841 3811.
7. Arrive quickly, the European warehouse only needs 2-7 days.

★ Wireless CarPlay: Pairing via Bluetooth and transmitting via WIFI.
★ Wired CarPlay: first turn off WIFI and connect via cable (you can also charge your phone via cable)
★ Android Auto: Only support wired connection, and charging is supported at the same time
★ Mirrorlink: Supports Apple phones and Android phones, you can use it to watch YouTube and other functions available on any phone.

✔ Support to restore the original car OEM button/knob control/steering wheel control, still the original driving style.
✔ Support voice control: You only need to say "Hey Siri…" to make your car understand you better.
✔ Support EQ adjustable. Best audio quality. Freely choose your favorite style (pop, rock, soft, standard…)
✔ Support music Apple plays Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and other audios through the factory Audi media, and some apps display lyrics.
✔ GPS navigation application, Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps are available, real-time traffic information.

Product Adaptation Tips

1. This product is only suitable for Android Unit.

How to check whether your car has Android System?

1. Click "Settings" on the car screen.
2. Check "Android Settings" / "Settings Information" / "Version Information".
3. Support Android Unit version 4.4.2 and above.

2. Before purchasing, please install the Carlinkit APK for testing.

Professional Autokit download link:

How to check if your Android Unit is supported?

1. Download and install the "Autokit" APK from the official link.
2. Prepare a blank U disk and put an MP3 in the root directory.
3. Click APK – "Settings" (in the upper left corner) – Detection.
4. All three items are "✔" that your car is supported.

3. Wired Version & Wireless Version

Wired Version:
– iPhone: Wired CarPlay
– Android Phone: Wired Android Auto
Wireless Version:
– iPhone: Wired & Wireless CarPlay
– Android Phone: Wired Android Auto

About Free Returns

Support free return within 15 days after confirming receipt
Support free returns in 24 countries:
United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Israel, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Chile, Japan, Ukraine, Mexico, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland


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