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The Most Effective Exercise for Getting Rid of Belly Fat

There are numerous routines out there that it is natural for a beginner to get confused about which one to go for. The question on every person’s mind is: which is the top workout to lose belly fat For those who have the same question then just read this short article, because you will get the solution below!

There are basically 2 types of workouts: cardio and strength training, and each of them has its own place in the big scheme of fitness. If your aim is to lose weight by burning fat but do not wish to get any heavier, cardio exercise maybe the best exercise for you. Weight training workouts are best for toning up your body, building muscle tissues, etc. If you are aiming to lose weight as well as build muscles, resistance training workouts might be ideal!

As a matter of fact, muscles help you burn off fat, and since resistance training workouts help you build muscles, you have fat loss along the way! The other hand is that since muscles are heavier than fat, your body weight might increase even after the fat melts away! Personally, I prefer cardios for this very reason: they help you lose weight and do not make you heavier either!

Many individuals prefer cardio workouts since they don’t need to hit the health club in order to do them. Cardios ranges from brisk walking to running, jogging, playing sports such as tennis or baseball, swimming, dancing, hiking, cycling, etc., all of which can be done without the help of health club! Apart from being fun to do, these cardiovascular routines also keep you in direct contact with nature, which can greatly benefit your total health and fitness!

At the end of the day, you need to select your own workout. There isn’t any one “best” exercise for fast fat loss. Should you be more comfortable with strength training workouts than cardios, then just follow your chosen exercise. As I already said at the very beginning of this article, both workouts would help you lose fat; as such, the “best weight loss exercise” is merely a matter of individual preference. But no matter which workout you pick to do, here’s something you need to keep in mind.

With regards to cardio exercise, or virtually any exercise out there, the length of time you workout for is irrelevant much; what matters instead is consistency. There’s hardly any point in working out for six hours at a stretch on one day if you take rest on the next 6 days. A much better strategy would be to spend about half-an-hour each day on workouts. Take into account that with regards to exercise, consistency matters more than how much time you spend on it!

The truth remains that since you are eating foods daily, your body is also producing fat on a daily basis. Naturally, if you don’t burn this extra fat daily, it would accumulate with time and make you fatter than before!

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