The Best Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are made of water loving plastics that absorb all types of eye liquids. The lenses allow oxygen to easily pass through your eyes, nourish your eyes and correct all types of vision problems. You can keep the soft contact lenses wearing in your eyes for more than 18 hours and feel quite comfortable in it.

Types of soft contact lenses –

Soft contact lenses are available in different kinds:

Extended wear soft contact lenses – these lenses allow you to wear the lenses continuously for 7 days and nights
Daily-wear soft contact lenses – these lenses must be cleaned and removed every night.
Disposable contact lenses – these lenses must be cleaned every night and can be used for a long period of time and then thrown away.

Advantages of soft contact lenses –

The soft contact lenses are the most comfortable lenses that you can wear anytime. It does not create any problem even if you rub your eyes when you are wearing the lenses. It is simply so convenient that you hardly feel you are wearing something in your eyes.

Following are the top advantages of soft contact lenses over other contact lenses:

The lenses get adjusted to your eyes within very less time.
Dirt and other particles hardly get trapped in soft lenses.
They are easy to insert and hardly fall off.

Precautions to be followed while you use soft contact lenses –

The soft contact lenses must be handled very delicately. Follow every word of your optician before you use the soft contact lenses. Here are some of the precautions you must always remember while you use soft contact lenses:

Do not sleep wearing the lenses unless they are extended wear lenses.
Do not use any perfume spray or antiseptic sprays after you are wear your lenses.
Do not wear the soft contact lenses during swimming because they absorb the water chemicals thus leading to severe eye infection.

The soft contact lenses are most wonderful and comfortable to wear. But in case of any irritation, blurriness, redness, pain and intense sunlight sensations, contact your optician immediately to get the best results of wearing soft contact lenses.

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