The Basics of Consumer Marketing and Consumer Activations

Consumer marketing is a method of marketing that is particularly directed at larger demographic groups. More common methods used are retail and the mass media. The main objective of consumer marketing is to match the provided products or services with the actual needs of a specific target market. Through consumer marketing, companies communicate the products and services in such a way that they are proven to have a value to the consumer. Consumer marketing used to be slightly simpler, but the constant changes in transportation options, regulations and, most importantly, the appearance of instant cost effective communication have removed any blockages in service proliferation.

In today’s world, location no longer guarantees a consumer’s loyalty towards a specific brand/product. However, some companies still continue to rely on the old beliefs and marketing methods that are heavily dependent on geographic market segmentation. With a variety of technology systems available in today’s market, improving the success rates depends, to a large degree, on the will of marketing professionals to acquire the necessary market knowledge.

Now, let’s get to the next part of this small marketing guide, and specifically to customer activations. Consumer activations are the tools which companies use to get their target market to notice their products and services. This is achieved through a collection of tactics and techniques which are constantly adapted and updated in order to evolve with the ever changing market dynamics. Consumer activations are a powerful means to make a product more accessible to the consumer. Consumer activations are based on placing a specific product in the hands of the consumers and educating them on all the benefits derived from purchasing that product. This sub-concept is known as Brand In Hand and the most important benefits, resulted from applying it, include maintaining brand loyalty, brand awareness, brand equity and many more.

Another technique used in today’s marketing world is the lifestyle marketing technique. This technique involves targeting specific markets based on their life styles and values. This form of consumer activation switches the levels of importance from the selling process to association and identification. Lifestyle marketing creates a product presentation that attempts to match products benefits with consumer’s desired lifestyle.

Another technique is parallel sales. This tactic involves presenting a certain level of merchandising. Parallel sales rely on the idea that certain products are strongly connected to specific consumer groups. Let’s take for example, beer and peanuts. If on a store shelf, these two products are placed near to one another, sales for one of the products will often lead to an increase in sales for the other product. Although used in smaller markets, this technique, which is included in consumer activations, is proven to deliver significant results.

Consumer activations and consumer marketing are used to a great degree in Bottom of the Pyramid markets all over the world. At a global level, South Africa has one of the largest Bottom of the Pyramid markets and is a perfect example for exactly how prolific these marketing techniques can be. In South Africa, Primedia Face 2 Face is one of the largest face to face marketing companies specializing in consumer marketing and consumer activations.

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