Creating Brand Awareness to Improve Sales

The main objective of any company is to identify ways to improve existing techniques in order to increase their sales and revenue. An expansive variety of techniques are used to stimulate repeat purchases. There are three concepts being used by many companies from all over the world as tools to achieve positive returns on investments. The first is the use of brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are marketing professionals who are strategically involved in the marketing process by accompanying ground marketing teams on their sales calls, promotional activity, activations, and any other product awareness activity. Depending on the market, the responsibility of a brand ambassador, as representative of the brand, often starts with getting acquainted with store owners, merchandisers and assistants located in the area of interest.

The main activities which fall under the responsibility of a brand ambassador include interacting with customers and explaining the benefits of a particular product and conducting research with regards to the competition’s details and pricing. A brand ambassador will create point of sale material, create and manage various competitions and promotions, get involved in product launches, line extensions, live demonstrations and sampling campaigns. The correct combination of these activities will ensure the brand message is consistent throughout the campaigns.

The main benefits derived from using a brand ambassador include raising the level of product awareness among customers, promotion of brand loyalty, face to face interaction and the opportunity to educate consumers. People that buy FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) products from companies such as Coca Cola, do so with the utmost confidence and they do not mind having to pay slightly larger sums, than those required by other less known companies producing similar products. This is true because when purchasing products from companies such as Coca Cola, clients automatically get a sense of belonging.

The second marketing concept that is imperative to any company is marketing campaign is brand awareness. This refers directly to the way in which you make your services and products known to your potential customers. Making brand awareness is a powerful marketing method because it has proven to deliver strong returns, when used correctly. Brand awareness is completely done through advertising in all its forms. Be it, television advertisements, promotions and promotional products, experiential marketing or even more unconventional marketing techniques such as word of mouth campaigns, when done professionally, brand awareness is the tool which can take a company from average sales to unbelievable success in a relatively short period of time.

Experiential marketing is last on the list of techniques deployed in brand awareness campaigns. By placing the product in the hand of the consumer, brands can engage and interact with the target market on a more personal level. By combining the five senses of taste, touch, smell, sight and sound, consumers are able to develop a 360 degree understanding of the product and how it fits into their current lifestyle.

When it comes to creating brand awareness, the vast majority of companies, on a global level, employ the services of specialized advertising companies which ensure their clients get the desired results. A good example is Primedia Face 2 Face which is a company specializing in face to face marketing services.

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