Wedding postures to pay attention to

At almost every wedding, the bride and groom often take photos with guests like statues, so every couple will stand, walk, and sit in full view, thinking that every move cannot escape everyone’s attention, yes Isn’t it annoying? The following are some basic etiquette, so you don’t have to worry.

Sitting posture: The upper body posture is the most
important, so the chair should be shallower. When taking pictures with relatives, the upper body posture is the most important. Don’t have it. It’s hard to sit down and you will feel like venting in an instant. Sitting paralyzed like an angry ball, it will be ugly, especially if the bride is wearing a low-cut gown, sitting in the center of the chair, twisting the waist, so that she appears wide shoulders and slim. Wearing a slender gown, the legs should be slanted. Hanging down can make the legs look slender. When the groom sits listlessly, the trouser legs will automatically lift up, exposing the socks, which is very unsightly, so be careful. Before sitting down, lift the trousers on the knees.

Standing posture : straighten your back naturally and consciously form a figure eight with each other. Whether welcoming guests or taking commemorative photos, standing posture is very important, so pay special attention to it. The back stretches upwards, the head, hips and heels are in a straight line, and the upper body feels like being lifted. The bride should stand about 15 cm behind the groom, and hold the groom’s right arm with the right hand. The two positions are like a horoscope. It feels best to take a photo from the front. The groom gently bends his left arm and lets the bride put his hand in his elbow. It should be noted that the bride should not pull the groom’s clothes, which makes people feel timid. In addition, the groom should not overly straighten his back. Protruding the abdomen, don’t hold the bride tightly, so as not to step on the skirt, but don’t get too far away, and the bride shouldn’t hold the groom’s arm tightly, as if for fear that he will run away.

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