Wedding ceremony for brides

Kissing naturally and generously and shyly answering the opposite will make people feel weird. The kiss in the ceremony has a sacred meaning. The bride and groom should behave naturally and generously. When the wedding is sworn and kissed, they are inexplicably shy, twitchy or contrived. Kissing with protruding lips is disgusting. Photos or photos are quite unnatural. The correct posture should be that the groom gently grasps the bride’s arm and the other hand wraps her waist, as a hint, The bride raises her face slightly, so that the onlookers feel that the two are approaching in a very natural manner. There is a sense of mystery and they look beautiful. The timing of the kiss is determined by the two first, so that there will be no mistakes, bride You should lightly try on the lipstick on the surface with a napkin in advance to avoid leaving a clear lip print on the groom’s face. Gently hug the arms and lift the face slightly to be more natural, but don’t look like a stamp.

The smiles filled with happiness turned up, and smiled softly. The happy smiles on the faces of the newlyweds are what guests like to see. Many of the smiling faces of brides and grooms are deliberately piled up when taking pictures. After the shooting, there is no smile on their faces. Such laughter is fake. The practice method of smiling face is: hold a chopstick in the mouth, the corner of the mouth is upturned, look like a smile, keep the shape of the mouth unchanged, take the chopsticks out, and finish the smiling face, and then practice repeatedly until the smile is not visible. The degree of teeth is done.

Smiling while bending the upper body slightly and nodding greetings, the bride and groom must bow frequently at the wedding: the first back should be straight, the body above the waist should be leaning forward, and the second bow should be full of emotion, bending about 15 degrees. The bride and bridegroom must cooperate and not be inconsistent. You can pause for one second. When bowing to the master in the sound of music, don’t forget that you must face him with your whole body. Be careful not to protrude your chin, just nodding your head or bending over too much will make you look indecent, and don’t look up when you bow.

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