Wedding banquet

Usually wedding banquet venues are divided into three key points, including the entrance reception, banquet occasions, and bridal room. The reception staff should take care of each other and keep in close contact with each other, so that the wedding day can be foolproof. Particular attention should be paid to the bridal room, because the new couple will wear a lot of gold jewelry that day, and the jewelry is often lost in exchange for the crowded occasions.

In view of the situations that may occur during a general wedding, the following proposes several coping methods to provide the couple with advance preparations.

The signature desk
is very important in manpower allocation. Generally speaking, there are about four gift-receivers, two of whom receive gifts and two write thank you cards. If the number of banquet tables exceeds 20 tables, it is best to increase the number of signature counters, so as not to swarm in the signature counters, causing guests to gather at the signature counters, not only collecting gifts, but also receiving gifts.

best for the receptionist to choose someone familiar with the bridegroom or bride’s relatives and friends, such as the groom’s friend liaison, the bride’s friend liaison, the groom’s relative liaison, and the bride’s relatives liaison, etc., to allow relatives and friends to attend the wedding banquet As soon as you enter the wedding banquet, you can be greeted and arranged to be seated, so you won’t be left out.

The number of people at the wedding banquet
must be calculated one month ago, so that there will be no temporary addition or withdrawal of the table, which will cause the wedding banquet to be crowded or too empty. As more and more new couples choose to get married in big hotels nowadays, every time a fixed holiday or auspicious day on the calendar, the hotel will be full and the starting table price will be higher. Therefore, you might as well choose a simple and solemn notarized marriage; the wedding banquet is best to be held on an ordinary day, because it is easy to book a table, and secondly, the price is more cost-effective.

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