Things to do after the wedding

Flowers for both parents.
After the wedding, send some wedding flowers for both parents, and attach a small card written by hand. Thank the parents for their contributions in the days before and after the wedding, thank you for your help and Support, take care of this before honeymoon. The selected flowers should be those with a relatively long flowering period, such as lilies.

Wedding Luncheon When
many brides wake up the morning after the wedding, they feel a little disappointed because the wedding is over. If you are not in a hurry for your honeymoon, you might as well hold a lunch party with champagne and invite your close friends and those who have not yet returned. Such a party will make you show more sincere gratitude to them because of the wedding. The tension and hustle are gone, everyone just enjoys the beautiful chat process.

Change of residential address. When you
live in a two-person den, don’t forget to inform relatives, friends, company colleagues, bank credit cards, and other people related to your life. Such a life will be orderly.

I would like
to express my gratitude to those who have attended the wedding once again. Thank them for their gifts and gifts. It is best to write a thank-you card in person to represent my sincerity.

A toast to the full moon of the
wedding After the wedding, the days are slowly returning to the ordinary. Arrange a romantic candlelight dinner on this special day to give the partner a surprise. Of course, this is inseparable from flowers, candles and red wine.

Collecting wedding dresses.
Wedding dresses may be available to attend banquets or receptions in the future, but there will be fewer opportunities for wedding dresses to be used in the future. Therefore, when collecting wedding dresses, you must carefully check or consult professional advice to keep the wedding dresses properly.

Lending themselves to the bridesmaids
Before and after the wedding, they paid a lot for themselves to make the wedding more perfect. May wish to ask them to go to the spa or a one-day excursion, have a chat with them, and listen to each other’s thoughts.

Make a wedding album
. Turn out the moving photos and make a big album. At this time, you can ask your good friends or close friends to help, and share sweet memories with them.

Make a wedding souvenir box
to store the wedding gadgets. Such as sign-in book, table card, menu, thank you note, corsage on the dress, etc.! Because every small item in it will remind people of that evocative wedding.

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