The most romantic scene of a wedding with changing rings and candles

Changing the ring: the most romantic scene is tense, and even the ring cannot be worn. Those who have this embarrassing experience may wish to practice a few times in advance. When the bride helps the groom wear the ring, the groom bends his elbows and stretches his hands to the height of natural bending , The bride uses the left hand to support the groom’s hand, the right thumb, index finger and middle finger to hold the ring, and put it on the groom’s ring finger. Usually, the bride will unconsciously exaggerate it when it can’t wear it, tightly grasp his hand, and put it on I carefully put the ring on his ring finger under my eyelids. In fact, this posture is very awkward, and the pictures taken are not beautiful.

Lighting candles: For a picturesque scene, lighting up wedding candles and straightening your back are basic requirements. People often fail at this point, because the bride and groom hold the ignition stick and reach out to the candle to light the fire. This posture will make the two of them protrude their chins and open their mouths. They look ridiculous, and they have different arm lengths. If the groom stretches his arms completely, the bride will lean forward.

Therefore, the groom must consider the length of the bride’s arm to decide where to stand. This is called the groom-guided style, that is, the groom’s other hand is placed on the bride’s waist, like dancing, and the distance is adjusted by the hint of the finger to guide the bride. At a distance of half a step away from the table, the bride should pay attention. Don’t forget to put the bouquet face outwards and reach out to light the candles. Due to the improper posture, the chin was lifted and the mouth opened, which made the image very poor. As close to the table as possible, the posture is beautiful, the chin is closed, the groom’s hand is placed on the bride’s waist, and the bouquet is held facing outward.

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