The inner beauty under the wedding dress

Gorgeous wedding dresses make the bride look graceful and beautiful, but no matter how good the wedding dress is, it also needs a good figure as the foundation to have amazing results. So if you don’t want to put on the wedding dress, and the wedding is about to realize your own The underwear is very inappropriate, act early and choose the right underwear. Underwear for dresses is used to correct body shape and bring out the beautiful lines. It can not only ensure comfortable wearing, but also make the wedding dress more smooth and beautiful, and the figure is more graceful. At present, there are various styles of underwear on the market, and the functions are also very complete. It is best for the bride to choose a good wedding dress first, and then choose underwear in a targeted manner according to the wedding dress’s style, texture, color and body shape.

At weddings, low-cut or backless wedding dresses are generally worn, and a strapless bra is required at this time. As for the bras with transparent shoulder straps, it is best not to choose them, because the shoulder straps will still be seen when toasting and greeting guests, and there will be a lack of dignity.

The color of the bra must match the dress. According to tradition, most of the bras on the market for brides are rose red, burgundy and pink. These are all prepared for red dresses. If it is a dress of other colors, choose a lighter color than the dress for safety. It is appropriate to tie, because the color of the bra is too bright, and it is likely to penetrate the dress, which is not elegant.

A bride with a flat breast can choose a bra with a strong upper pull and a padded underneath; for a fuller one, a bra with a padded side can be used. Note that the cup should not be too small, otherwise fat will be exposed. If you are wearing a Chinese evening dress, it is best to wear air cushions or underwear with steel wires to beautify the chest line.

In addition, it should be noted that at the wedding, the bride will walk around, frequently toast, take a lot of photos, and some even dance, and there is no time to play with her underwear, so you must choose good quality and excellent workmanship. Bra to prevent the buckle or strap from breaking.

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