The courtesy of thanking the matchmaker when getting married

Generally speaking, the gratitude to the matchmaker will vary depending on the relationship with the newcomer. If you know people through newspapers or marriage agencies, you should pay attention to love and not present when giving thanks. The bride and groom can bring some wedding cakes before or after marriage to thank the matchmakers who are enthusiastic about serving them, and they can also present wedding photos or thank you Card, let him share the joy of newly-married, at the very least, write a letter to express his gratitude.

In fact, most couples’ matchmakers are relatives, friends, colleagues or classmates of the bride and groom. The gratitude to them should proceed as follows.

1. Once the man and woman have decided on the date of their marriage, they should both go to visit, formally invite them to their wedding, and sincerely discuss marriage matters with them, explain to him the preparations for the wedding, and seek their opinions to express their interest to them Respect.

2. At the wedding, entertain them with the courtesy of VIPs and introduce them to relatives and friends to express their gratitude to them.

3. After the marriage, the bride and groom should go to the matchmaker’s home to give a formal thanks, remember not to go empty-handed, to pay equal attention to love and courtesy. As for what kind of gift should be given, it varies from person to person. If the matchmaker has children, she can give some stationery and toys to her children; if the matchmaker is a young woman, she can give some perfume, cosmetics, clothes or accessories to show friendship; To be a literati, gifts that can be given to books, pens and other stationery do not need to be expensive, but they should be gifted and sentimental.

In addition, during the New Year’s and holidays, the couple can also visit and prepare some gifts in return for matchmaking.

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