The bride can use body shaping underwear to wear a good figure

Marriage is the most memorable moment in your life. Everyone’s focus is on the bride. A luxurious wedding dress can certainly make the bride look graceful and beautiful, but the best wedding dress also needs a good figure as a foundation to show its stunning beauty. effect.

If you don’t want to find out how inappropriate your underwear is at the moment of the wedding, or if you are worried that the underwear will fall off, the uncoordinated shape and color will be discovered by the customers, you should act early and choose the right underwear. , Underwear for dresses is used to correct the body shape and bring out the beauty of the lines. It not only ensures comfortable wearing, but also makes the dress more beautiful and the figure more graceful.

At present, there are many styles of underwear on the market, and the functions are also very complete. It is best for the bride to buy a wedding dress first, and then choose suitable underwear according to the style, texture, color and body shape of the dress.

At weddings, low-cut or backless wedding dresses are generally worn, so strapless underwear is required. As for underwear with transparent shoulder straps, it is better not to choose, because the shoulder straps will still be seen when toasting and greeting guests in close contact, and there is no dignity.

The color of the underwear must be coordinated with the dress. According to Chinese tradition, most of the underwear on the market for brides is rose red, burgundy and pink, which are all prepared for red dresses. But if you are wearing a white wedding dress, it is best to choose white or light yellow underwear, and if it is a dress of other colors, to be on the safe side, choose a color lighter than the dress. If the color of the underwear is too bright, it is likely to penetrate the dress and lose elegance.

Brides with flat breasts can choose underwear with a strong upper pull and padded underneath; for fuller ones, a bra with padded sides can be used. Note that the cup should not be too small, otherwise fat will be exposed. If you are wearing a Chinese evening dress, it is best to wear air cushions or underwear with steel wires to beautify the chest line.

Another thing to note is that during the wedding, the bride will keep walking, frequent toasts, take a lot of photos, and some even dance, and there is no time for underwear. Therefore, you must choose good-quality and high-quality underwear to avoid Buckles or shoulder straps are broken.

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