Registration of marriage

Huanxixi has completed life-long events in a lively manner. Have you and your other partner become a legal couple? New couples who have just completed the wedding may not know that even if there are public ceremonies or two or more witnesses, or even to the court to notarize the marriage, the marriage will not be effective until the marriage registration is completed. Simply put, when the spouse column of the ID card is blank, it is judged that you have not registered for marriage, and you can be considered single.

The marriage must be in writing, signed by more than 2 adult witnesses, and within 30 days, go to the local household registration office for marriage registration. At the same time, the Ministry of the Interior plans to cooperate in revising the household registration law and name regulations. In the future, both parties must be in the household. The government agency completes the registration before it becomes effective. Those who get married in the court or join a government agency group marriage must also wait for the household registration registration to take effect.

The applicant for marriage registration should be the party to the marriage or the trustee. The certificates and precautions should be attached as follows:

(1) Marriage certificate.
(2) The party’s household register, national identity card (foreigners with passport), and seal (personal signature is possible).
(3) For those who are married abroad, the certificate must be verified by the Chinese embassy, ​​and the foreign language translation should be verified (notarized) by the foreign embassy, ​​the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the court.
(4) If you are married to a foreigner or an overseas Chinese who does not have a household registration in China, you should attach a single certificate (the single certificate must be verified by the Chinese Embassy).
(5) Marriage between people in the mainland area and people in the mainland area shall be processed after verification by the SEF with the marriage certificate issued by the relevant agency in the mainland area.
(6) When marrying a foreign national, the foreign spouse should also attach a Chinese name declaration form. If the foreign spouse fails to return to the country to register with the national when married abroad, the written information using the Chinese surname should be Certified by the foreign embassy.

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