Recommendations for bridal makeup

The day of marriage is the most important day in a woman’s life. It is the protagonist of the day. Every woman wants to dress up beautifully, but some people dress too much, with too much makeup, and become a stranger, looking away from the original self. Very far, the bride must dress beautifully and charmingly on the day of marriage, but it should not be too whitewashed. Naturally, it is still very important. The dress should be the original one, but it is more attractive than usual. The makeup can be slightly heavier and the lipstick can be thicker. , The rouge can be thicker, the eye shadow can be thicker, but don’t apply heavy makeup. The following recommendations can be referred to:

One month before marriage,
you should go to find a beautician or beauty consultant, ask them to help choose the cosmetics you need, and ask them to help pre-make the wedding makeup, so as to avoid the situation that you think cosmetics and makeup are not effective on the wedding day , The same is true for hair, please ask the hairdresser to do it once in advance.

One week before marriage
1. You should take care of your hands and nail your nails. In addition, you should apply some hand cream every day. You can apply more at night before going to bed. Wear a cotton glove to sleep. Because the hand on the wedding day is very important, many people will see your wedding ring, your hand is too rough and unsightly.
2. A dentist should be asked to clean the teeth.
3. Fix your eyebrows.
4. New shoes should be tried on at home for half an hour every day. If you buy high heels but don’t wear them often, you need to practice how to wear them. Otherwise, the new shoes will easily make your feet hurt on the wedding day

The day before the wedding
1. Make your nails
2. Make sure to match the color of your nails and lipstick. If you use pink lipstick, you should use pink nail polish and orange lipstick with orange nail polish.
3. Try all the clothes and shoes you want to wear once, and you can change or modify them if they are not suitable.

Wedding day
1. Drop some eye drops (usually available in pharmacies) before makeup. This will brighten your eyes. Some (because I must be very tired that day).
2. Make-up must be put on a layer of transparent powder to set the makeup, which can make the finished makeup lasting and fresh.
3. Put transparent powder, lipstick and lip pencil in your bag or pocket for replenishing makeup at any time. After eating, you must check the makeup on your face, add lipstick and make-up, and check whether there is food between your teeth. If the vegetable is very oily and the lipstick is just dark, you should be very careful when eating, try to avoid letting the food touch your lips, because the oil will faint the lipstick. If you want to keep your lipstick longer, you can put on a layer of lipstick first, press it with a paper towel, apply some transparent powder, and then put on a layer of lipstick, so that the lipstick can last longer, and don’t forget to use a lip pencil.

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