Newlywed life after the wedding

Marriage means responsibility. When two people start living together and establish a family-centered economic center, it is natural to manage it well. However, if there is no solid material basis for backing, and even when there is no basic financial management concept, then no matter how much two people love each other, I am afraid that life will be unsustainable. Introduce a few basic principles of household consumption expenditure management. If applied properly, a basic family financial management plan can be established.

Save regularly and quantitatively. You must save before you consume. If you don’t save, your life may be much easier now. You can unscrupulously buy fancy designer bags and clothing, new home theaters on the electronic market, and the most popular ones on the market. Computers, in this way, may not be able to buy a house for the rest of their lives. In case of unforeseen circumstances such as unemployment, health damage, children’s education, or want to do something else, they can only be expected.

So no matter how much, at least 10%, 15% or 20% of the income must be saved every month, or even a larger proportion. Of course, this ratio is discussed under the general situation. If the total income is only enough to make ends meet, or the total income greatly exceeds the basic living needs, this principle is more flexible. In addition to saving for future life, early saving can also be used to quickly increase the effect of compound interest. Property, or invest the remaining money in some relatively low-risk financial management tools, such as medium and long-term bonds, funds, etc.

Maintaining balance The so-called balance of payments does not mean running out. This is a prerequisite for ensuring a stable family. People’s desires are endless, and if consumption is left unchecked, it will definitely bring down the family economy and even lead to family breakdown. Some couples do not pay much attention to money. They put all their income in one account, and whoever wants to use the money will take it from it. This approach certainly shows mutual trust between husband and wife, but from another perspective, it is also easy to bring family finances to collapse. It must be determined by income, that is, what kind of income you have, and what kind of life you have. If your income is increased by one step, and your consumption level will be raised by another level, it must not be too high and grandiose.

Don’t rush to buy new products. Only when they are useful, young people are the market leader. They will buy new products as soon as they hit the market. It’s just that the quality of new products may not be as good as 100%, but the price will definitely be 100% expensive. With the gradual promotion and popularization of products in the market and the mass production of manufacturers, prices will drop again and again. Moreover, modern technology changes with each passing day and new products emerge in an endless stream. Such a vicious circle not only buys a lot of impractical things, but also makes the economy more economical. In trouble. By the same token, buying first and using later will often make the pre-purchased items obsolete, or will not be used at all and become a waste. Therefore, unless you need it urgently, try not to buy new products or accumulate items.

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