Knot wedding car flowers decoration

The flower decoration of the wedding car includes the flower decoration of the front, roof, door, rear and frame of the car.

The front of the car is the main part of the decoration of the whole car, and it is also the focus of the wedding car. The quality of the decoration directly affects the overall effect. Therefore, flower decoration on the front of the car is the key to the decoration of the whole car.

The common form is decorated in western style of flower arrangement, with more flowers and leaves combined into a relatively regular pattern, giving people an atmosphere, warm, and festive feeling. It’s also decorated in Eastern style or modern free-style flower arrangement style, with fewer flowers and leaves combined into an irregular pattern, giving people a novel, unique and romantic feeling. It’s rare to decorate with 1-2 heart-shaped or “V”-shaped patterns.

Decorated with Western style flower arrangement, placed in the center of the front cover, decorated with Eastern style or modern free-style flower arrangement style, placed one left and one right or one front and one back of the front cover.

First, wrap the flower mud that absorbs enough water with plastic wrapping paper and packaging tape. The upper part is exposed and the lower half is wrapped. Use 4, 6 or 8 plastic suction cups to firmly fix the wrapped flower mud on the car. Insert the bedding leaf, contour flower (for selection), main flower (large-volume flower) and filling flower (small-volume flower) in sequence on the body, and finally insert the filling leaf in the gap of the above-mentioned flower material, so that it is reflected The flower arrangement requirements of the combination of virtual (referring to leaves) and solid (referring to flowers) are covered, and the fixing materials are also covered.

It must be firmly attached to the car to avoid damage to the shape of the flower when the car is fast. In addition, the height must be controlled. The height is generally within 30cm, which does not affect the driving safety of the driver. It is also necessary to mix flowers and leaves to show natural beauty. In addition, it is necessary to cover fixed materials such as flower mud, suction cups, wrapping paper, and wrapping tape. Avoid exposing the auxiliary materials for fixing, which will affect the overall appearance.

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