How to relieve pre-wedding phobia

People with marriage phobia have a sense of fear about future marriages. Usually the symptoms of wedding phobia are irritability, quick temper, and irritability, but some people are reticent and unwilling to talk more. In severe cases, it may affect work. And life. There are usually the following types of fear before the wedding:

Worrying that marriage is the tomb of love.


No matter how beautiful love is, there will be no passion and sweetness when entering marriage, only endless trivialities and troubles. If you don’t get married, you won’t have so many troubles, and you can enjoy the nourishment of love.

How to resolve:

First of all, we must get rid of the illusion of married life. Don’t have high expectations and extravagant expectations. Don’t think that the other half is good and perfect. Honeymoon is really sweeter than honey, but the same person should clearly realize , The birth of a new family means that the burden is heavier, which means that each other should do their best to be responsible for the family and fulfill their responsibilities as husbands and wives.

The sweetness of the honeymoon is the result of my willingness to suffer for my lover. It is mutual dedication and common management. Before marriage, lovers are required to have the determination to be willing to suffer and suffer for the other half and the last small family, to be tolerant and considerate of each other’s shortcomings.

Insufficient understanding of the future partner.

Reason for fear:

Insufficient understanding of the partner, such as his life habits, circle of friends, and even whether he is dedicated, etc. Sometimes I feel big when I think about it and I don’t want to get married.

Relief method:

In fact, both men and women need to constantly increase mutual understanding in order to deepen the relationship. It is the most important pre-marital psychological preparation. If this preparation is not sufficient, other preparations will not be able to guarantee a happy and happy life after marriage. Even if you have everything you need for pre-marital material preparation, it is difficult to make up for the psychological damage. Therefore, only by understanding each other as much as possible can we eliminate the fear of future marriage.

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