How to decorate a new wedding house

Marriage is one of the most significant things in individuals. The layout of a new house for marriage is very important for newlyweds. It is not that easy to decorate a new house. Among them, there is a great deal of information! The Chinese have always emphasized feng shui, so the layout of a new house must not be careless.

The older generation think that the layout of a new house must pay attention to customs and feng shui, and the newlyweds who are going to get married must pay special attention to the following taboos:
(1) Use new beds in the new house, and set the bed a few days before the wedding.
(2) The mirror in the bridal room should not be loaned to others within four months of the newly-weds, and should not be exposed to others to avoid distraction. Therefore, if the dowry wardrobe or dressing table has a mirror, it is customary to cover it with red paper, and it can be removed after four months.
(3) Newlyweds and unmarried couples should pay attention to avoid placing sundries under the bed.
(4) Unmarried couples should not plant climbing plants on the balcony, otherwise the relationship between the two will be prone to sprawl.
(5) The glass curtain is not suitable for a new house, otherwise it is easy to have an affair after marriage.
(6) Do not set up a new house above the arcade, because people are prone to chaos and affect the relationship between couples.
(7) The newlyweds’ bedroom should not be set above the god position, otherwise bad things will easily happen.
(8) Strange toys and ornaments should not be placed in the newlyweds’ bedroom.
(9) For newlyweds, it is best to guard against sharp corners of neighboring rooms. Curtains or green potted plants can be used to block the rush.

Here are a few tips for newcomers to refer to. Draw a thin line on the roof of the new house and tie some large and small balloons, which can symbolize the success and harmony of the newlyweds. The floor of the new house is dominated by light-colored tiles, and nine darker tiles are evenly inserted. In addition, 2~4 lights are set in the lower part of the room to extend the light to the far point of the ceiling, which symbolizes the meaning of everlasting .

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