How to choose wedding cakes

Wedding cakes have always been an indispensable part of wedding planning. The price does not seem to be the main factor in buying wedding cakes. Instead, it is the type and packaging of the wedding cakes, because the prices of wedding cakes are now very transparent and easy to compare. , On the contrary, it is the type and packaging. When choosing a newcomer, don’t forget to communicate with your parents.

In addition to traditional Chinese wedding cakes, modern wedding cakes not only have more varieties than before, but also have more choices in taste. The wedding cakes can be divided into the following types:
Chinese wedding cakes: also known as Chinese wedding cakes or flat cakes. Traditionally, when you marry your daughter, you have to eat flatbread, and it is usually calculated by catties. Therefore, on the day of the engagement, the larger the amount of cakes the man carries to the woman’s house, the more decent it is. Therefore, the cakes are usually used to make face during the engagement. Therefore, when choosing, you may wish to use a well-known and traditional time-honored brand to make a cake, which can help the woman. Make full face at home. Six Chinese wedding cakes in boxes are the most common on the market. The most common fillings are jujube paste, mung bean paste, lotus seed paste, walnuts, and sesame seeds.

Western-style engagement wedding box: also known as box cake or marriage cake. All kinds of pancakes, shortbreads, honey cakes, and Japanese pastries are the materials of Western gift boxes. The packaging of Western-style gift boxes is usually more delicate, and the styles are also more varied.

Mixiang: Commonly known as Laohua, as the saying goes, “Eat Mixiang, marry a good old man.” It means that you will find a good husband after eating rice fragrant cakes.

Sunbread: It is red bean paste cake. The function of sunbread is to give to relatives and friends a few days before the wedding to remind everyone to come for a wedding on the wedding day.

When deciding which kind of cake, you might as well try it at the cake shop first, and learn about other information at the same time, because usually there is a specific discount for ordering to one quantity, let’s see if you can get enough of your budget and the quantity you want to buy Offers. When buying wedding cakes, in addition to being delicious, of course, they must be fresh, so you have to calculate the time for ordering and picking up. In addition, you might as well talk to the clerk about other purchases, such as small wedding candy, hi card, or salute.

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