How to choose a wedding ring

Wedding rings should be bought there. Undoubtedly, the best way to buy jewelry is to go to a jewelry store with a good reputation, a good reputation, and a long history. Compared with other stores, there are more complete styles, better workmanship, and the most important thing. It’s genuine.

In addition, the sales staff have undergone orthodox training, can give satisfactory answers to any questions raised, and can also put forward valuable reference opinions based on the actual situation and needs. Their after-sales service is generally relatively Considerate, such as free ring modification, polishing and cleaning of jewellery. If the quality is found to be defective after purchase, it will be repaired, replaced or even returned for free. In addition, in some jewelry stores, you can also use the original old The ring is exchanged for a new one, and you can get a brand new ring as long as you make up some money appropriately.

If the budget is tight, it’s a good idea to go to a discounted mall during the holidays. You have to shop around and buy valuables. The same thing is in different shopping malls, and the price will vary greatly. In some shopping malls, in order to attract customers, discounts are very large. In addition, there can be further discounts or VIP card discounts for counters of different brands in the mall, which can also save a lot of money after the whole calculation. But the price is low, the relatively available services may be reduced accordingly.

In short, no matter where you buy, you must ask the sales staff for a certificate issued by the National Jewelry and Jade Quality Inspection Center, because it contains a picture of the ring and a description of the quality and grade of the diamond. Only after careful comparison and confirmation can you take away your beloved ring with confidence.

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