How to choose a gift for bridesmaids

Throughout the marriage process, the bridesmaids often work hard for the bride’s wedding. So after the wedding, you can give the bridesmaids some real favorite gifts to express your gratitude according to their personality. See below for the following recommendations:

Gifts that are in line with the seasons.
For example, when the wedding is held in summer, you can give a best-selling love book suitable for reading on the beach, plus a pair of
flat flip-flops. Or you can give them a swimsuit and matching sun hat for swimming. with a
towel (above can be embroidered on their own name or date of marriage).
If the wedding is in spring, you can send them a pot with flower seeds, a mat with a flower pattern, a
plate for breakfast , or a beauty coupon. If the wedding is in autumn, you can give them a set of coffee utensils, a bottle of mint wine or a violet scarf (of course if they like the color). If in winter, you can send them a thick down blanket, or fur-covered slippers, or soft pajamas.

Nostalgia series
If you and your friends grew up in the 70s and are familiar with the songs and movies of that time, you can try the following nostalgic gifts:
CDs of the most famous singers of your own generation (or CDs of other singers they like)
choose one Color, choose a different gift for each bridesmaid, if you like dark yellow-green, then choose a pair of dark yellow-green clogs for one bridesmaid, a dark yellow-green mini skirt for the other, one String a dark yellow-green necklace and earrings to the third…, worrying that they don’t like yellow-green, you can also choose their favorite color.

The electronics clan
can be a walkman. Design a computer screen saver with a pink background for her to let you and their names fly in it, or computer games designed for girls are also very good gifts, or through e-magazines Find more new ideas.

Do what you like:
Give your friends corresponding gifts based on their hobbies and interests, and let them know that you really know
Give a skating magazine subscription form to a friend who loves skating, fluffy balls on skates.
Give a cooking book to a friend who loves cooking, which contains your friend’s favorite cuisine recipes.
Give a set of popular fitness equipment, or sports shorts, or rock climbing shoes to friends who are passionate about fitness.

Signed Gifts Gifts
to each bridesmaid should be embroidered or engraved with her name.
My friend loves to travel, so she gave her a bright colored backpack embroidered with her initials.
Leave the names of the bridesmaids on the diary, stationery, paper towels, and all gifts that can be embroidered or engraved, and then
give them to them.

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