How to buy a new bed when getting married

How to choose your own new bed, the following points should be noted.
1. The head of the bed is first
in bed with comfort . We always like to lean on the headboard and support the upper body with our heads. The disease of the spine is not far away from us, soft , Hard, straight and oblique headboard design determines the comfort of the back and neck. When leaning on the bed, we all use a pile of soft cushions to find comfort. But there is another way to save trouble, is to choose a bed with movable headboard, then you can adjust a comfortable angle by yourself.

2. The bedside must be flexible.
A bedside table with wheels is of course a good choice. It is convenient and can be stored. Some small objects that don’t want to be too far away can be placed around. But a necessary prerequisite is that the drawer of the bedside table must be equipped with well-equipped hardware parts, so that it can be pushed and pulled smoothly, or the bedside table and the backboard of the bed are integrated, only retaining the function of the cabinet, but it can be adjusted at will.

3. The head of the bed is best to store. The
head of the bed must have the function of storing, because we often keep some small objects around, such as the novel before going to bed, the remote control, and the alarm clock and music in the morning. The bedside storage cannot be too far away from us. The bed is a place where comfort is emphasized. The convenience of access to the things around is also part of comfort. Don’t ask for a bedside table to divide the bedroom space. In fact, if it can Let yourself get your things effortlessly, it’s already pretty good.

4. Create a unique lighting scene.
Although most lights will be turned off during sleep, the bedside should be able to provide lighting at any time. It is not only a functional role like reading, but also the creation of bedroom atmosphere. A little light on the bedside There will be a warm effect. Placing a desk lamp is the most common method. For example, some have a bedside lamp integrated with a bedside lamp to make the lighting control within reach, and it should be able to adjust at will, according to the needs of the eyes or the angle of the body. The brightness of the light source and the angle of the light. If you are a person who is accustomed to sleeping late, this adjustment becomes even more important, so that your light will not interfere with the other half’s sleep.

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