Don’t get married for marriage

Marriage cannot be forced, it must be the purest crystallization of love. When faced with such a major choice in life, a difference in thought may make oneself regretful for a lifetime. The following are common reasons for getting married for the sake of marriage : downgrading in order to get married for the sake of marriage.

In order to escape the family, this is a common mistake that girls make. In order to escape from an unhappy home, or to escape restraint and yearning for freedom, girls often resort to marriage to achieve their goals. In fact, this is a kind of illusory pseudo-independence at all. To get married blindly is just to make yourself jump from one fire pit to another. Therefore, thinking that marriage is a kind of new life and the idea of ​​starting a new life is nothing more than a naive dream.

Bong “children” of the life of people feel surprised, even though contraception so easily, but this situation still occur with a high frequency of occurrence, but a slightly different version in a new era, some women with stress this man to marry, although she courage Being an unmarried mother, but still a new bottle of old wine, if you want to use this to garner others’ hearts, you will actually be locked in yourself.

No one can deny the magic of love in order to disobey the order of their parents , but whether it is parents who think their children are too young or think that their children’s choice of lovers is inappropriate, it may cause a strong rebellious psychology, especially those with a strong rebellious personality. Will resist in order to resist. But it should be reminded that this may be the most dangerous and worst rebellion.

Marry a golden turtle son-in-law, find a rich man, and a woman find a golden mountain to lean on. Everything depends on money. This is what many people want, but it may not be the case.

Just because he is a handsome guy, a big beauty, handsome men, and beautiful women. Everyone loves him . The power of beauty is invincible, but in addition to the beauty, other necessary conditions are all in vain. It may be a great tragedy, and the appearance is always greasy, only good Only with your heart can the marriage last.

For the sake of sex, it is easy for men to become victims of sex. Men often marry not the favorites in their hearts, but the women who use sex to contain them.

Because of loneliness Modern people are afraid of loneliness. Men and women are entangled because of loneliness. They would rather argue than to be alone.

Seek a sense of security. A sense of security can’t be given by others except for yourself.

Get rid of singleness Many women still don’t believe that late marriage and non-marriage can be a mature choice. The urging of the biological clock, social pressure, fear of being an advanced mother, and other factors will make women marry in order to break the single situation.

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