Choose Wedding Cakes Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 8 Tips

Here are some suggestions to make it easier for you as a bride to buy and taste, and to choose between price and quality.

1. Time cost
Most of the main cost of making a cake is man-hours, so it may take several working days to complete the process from meeting new people, baking the cake, carving flowers to assembling and decorating the cake.

2. The budget is limited.
When starting to look at the photo of the cake, try to stay within the budget, otherwise it may exceed the financial capacity. Some newcomers hope to make a cake that looks the same as what they see in a magazine, but it is impossible to make the same cake with a limited budget, so it is necessary to find out whether the cake is a “brand cake” published in the magazine. It should only try to achieve similar effects.

3. The price of
icing The icing (it is like a cake, it is a general term for some nouns) handmade dough icing is much more expensive than butter cream. Mainly because it contains a lot of working hours. Dough icing is very special, but it is labor-intensive to produce.

4. Cream
Cream does not mean low quality. Because the cream can easily change various styles, and the cream can make the shape of the cake achieve a smooth effect.

5.The chocolate coat on other decorative cakes is a major feature, but it is more expensive than cream. Rubber adhesives, spice additives, and flowers all need to be made by hand. These production processes will increase the price of the cake, and the flower The more peculiar, the higher the price, so if you want to save some money, use less sugar flowers instead of flowers. The best way to make a distinctive cake style is to decorate with flowers. Flowers can make the cake even better. In addition to giving the cake a new flavor, the defloration is relatively inexpensive.

6. Reduce expenses
. The size of the cake is an important factor affecting the price. So if you use a small piece of cake to make a smaller cake, or use ice cream and jelly as filling, or the newcomer uses a simple dining car or a small table, then With smaller cakes, smaller cakes can make it easier for newcomers to buy cakes that suit them.

7. Reduce costs.
If there is a cake chef at the banquet location, but you bring another one by yourself, you may need to pay for the use of utensils, so you should pay attention to this problem when booking the location to save the cost for the wedding cake Cost.

8. Concise and clean style
Concise and elegant cakes are the principle. Newcomers need a cake with a clear outline, a soft and elegant appearance, not just studded with pearls and flowers.

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