Choose the right veil according to the bride’s hairstyle

In the entire wedding dress, the importance of the veil is undeniable. The most important thing about the veil is to match the wedding dress, but its coordination with the hairstyle is also very important.

Spiral hair bun
This is a dressing style that pays attention to winding hair. If you choose a veil that goes backwards, it will cover the subtlety of the bun. Thin, short veils are the best choice. However, the contours of the face that are too round are not suitable for keeping the hair completely behind the head. You can consider leaving a few strands of hair on both sides of the face to make your face look thinner.

Smooth partial fraction.
Complex and full hairstyles should be matched with simple veils. For example, for a hairstyle that looks very simple, match it with a shoulder-length veil to balance this simple hairstyle, and place the rim on the shoulder.

High-comb bun A
simple high-comb bun with a medium-length double-layered veil. When inserted at the bottom of the bun, it can modify the simple hair style, and can also be inserted at the top of the bun. , Turn the top layer to the front, it becomes the masking wedding dress used in wedding ceremony.

Luxurious long wavy
hairstyles naturally require a single, thin, transparent veil, so that everyone can see the time we use on the hairstyle, this big wave hairstyle is not suitable for small-faced brides, because of the complicated hair style Makes the face look small.

Fluffy partial fraction
This partial fraction is very casual, with this hairstyle, you can choose a fluttering tulle like a cloud. This hairstyle is not suitable for faces with longer facial contours, because the raised hair strands on the top of the head make the face look longer.

Short Hair
Brides with short hair can choose a short single-layer veil, accompanied by light lace, crystal diamonds and sequins, flowing feathers, and delicate silk flowers, which can also be matched with a charming and mysterious feeling.

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