Wedding etiquette

Limousine: A green bamboo or sugarcane from root to leaf should be hung in front of the bride’s limo, tied with pork and red envelopes.

Get in the limo: Let the good-for-life woman or matchmaker lead the bride, cover her head with a bamboo sieve or a black umbrella, and protect the bride into the limo while her head cannot see the sun. After the bride got on the bus, the boy with the auspicious Chinese zodiac gave the bride a fan with a red envelope, and the bride thanked him with a red envelope.

Don’t say goodbye: Everyone can’t say goodbye when they leave the woman’s house. After the bride gets on the car, the woman’s parents should pour a bowl of water, rice and white rice on the bride, which means that the daughter is already poured water. Eat and wear.

Throwing a fan: When the car is started, the bride drops the fan out of the window, which means that she will not bring her bad temper to her husband’s house.

Announcement: From the woman’s home to the man’s home, firecrackers are set off along the way. When they reach the man’s house, the welcoming team and the man’s family fire cannons to celebrate.

Touch the oranges: After the car arrives, a child with two oranges will greet the new couple. The bride has to touch the oranges lightly, and then return the red envelope to give a gift. These two oranges should be kept until the evening to be peeled by the bride himself, which can invite longevity.

The bride gets out of the car: The groom holds the fan and hits the car door three times, and kicks the car door three times. When the bride gets out of the car, she will be covered by a rice sieve or black umbrella by a good-for-life woman or matchmaker, and she will take out the car and lead the bride to touch the oranges. Then guide the bride to smash the tiles, pass the stove, and enter the hall of the male house with their feet crossing the threshold and not being able to step on them.

Tea Respect: Firstly, the ancestors of the gods are served with incense, and then tea is offered to the elders in the family one by one. At this time, introduce the elders to the bride.

Husband and wife worship: the newlyweds worship the heaven and the earth, the high hall second, the husband and wife worship, and are sent to the bridal chamber.

Li Cheng: After entering the bridal chamber, Mi Si was placed on the bed, and the couple sat on the chair padded with the groom’s trousers, indicating that the two were united forever. Then the groom lifts the bride’s veil, drinks a cup of wine, and eats sweet dumplings made of lotus seeds, peanuts, longan or black dates, which means early birth of a child.

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

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