Wedding and honeymoon in Australia

Celebrities get married, and romantic weddings overseas are popular. Recently, more and more people choose to go to Australia for weddings. Australia, beloved by God, is blessed with many beautiful treasures, beautiful natural landscapes, buildings, churches, resort hotels, etc. It is one of the best romantic places for weddings, honeymoons and romantic vacations. Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, and the temperature is completely opposite to that of Hong Kong in the northern hemisphere, so you can have a hot Christmas while your wedding and honeymoon in Australia in December.

In China, people like to use red when they get married because red means celebration. In Australia, people use white. They say that white symbolizes purity. People generally don’t use ordinary cars. Instead, they rent old-fashioned cars with gorgeous decorations or luxury RVs like Cadillac, and use white cloth strips on the head of the car to make a “human” shape. At the wedding banquet, the parents of the bride and groom will give simple speeches. The groom will express his gratitude to the guests, especially the bride’s bridesmaids. The master of ceremonies will read the guests’ congratulatory messages and everyone will eat wedding cakes. Usually after the wedding feast is over, there is a dance party. With the advancing of the times and the development of technology, many young people are not religious, so they are unwilling to stick to the very formal ceremony of church weddings. Some of them hold their weddings during parachuting and some diving under the sea. . According to statistics, almost half of weddings are now held outside the church.

Australia is full of humor and creativity, which makes the places and methods of weddings endless. Among them, the unique hot air balloon wedding in Queensland is a way of weddings that will never forget the couple. Australia’s diversified wedding venues provide multiple choices for couples. Lovely churches, luxurious hotels, modern art galleries, luxurious cruise ships, etc., are all lifelong wedding venues for lovers.

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