Traditional wedding ceremony

Traditional wedding ceremonies are different from north to south, and the etiquette and customs are varied.
The man’s family worships the ancestors: The man should worship the ancestors before going out to meet the bride.

Distribute red envelopes: Before departure, the groom should distribute red envelopes to the staff who are going to pick up the bride.

Getting on the bus: Six or twelve people including the groom, matchmaker, bridesmaid, and relatives and friends will set off to meet the bride. An even number of limousines is appropriate, usually six.

Setting off firecrackers: Set off firecrackers along the road to celebrate when the wedding car goes to the woman’s house. If you cross a bridge or another caravan of welcoming weddings, set off a row of firecrackers.

Eating sisters’ table: Before the bridegroom’s wedding party arrives, the bride eats with her family and sisters, saying goodbye and blessings with auspicious words.

The groom arrives: Before the welcoming convoy arrives at the bride’s house, it should be notified by the fired gun, and the woman also fired the gun to respond. And there was a boy waiting to welcome the groom with a tea tray full of oranges or melon seeds and candy, and the groom should return the red envelope in return.

Eating sweet glutinous rice balls: The woman should prepare sweet glutinous rice balls and sweet tea, and entertain the bridegroom and welcoming guests to enjoy them.

Pleasant: The bridegroom holds the bouquet and goes to the bride’s room. At this time, the bride’s sisters and female friends have to block the bridegroom. They can ask questions for the bridegroom to answer. After passing the test, the bridegroom can meet the bride, or the bridegroom can meet and greet the bride’s family. . Give a red envelope, and the groom will go to the bride’s room to pick up the bride with a bouquet in hand. Generally, the red envelope is 999 yuan to indicate a long time.

Farewell: After the bridegroom handed the bouquet to the bride, the mother of the bride would put down the veil for the bride, and then the matchmaker or the good-for-life woman would pull out the hall. The bridegroom and the bridegroom should face the ancestral gods on the right and the left, and the bride’s father or elders would burn incense After lighting a candle, the new couple worshipped with incense, first the gods and then the ancestors, and then bowed three times to bid farewell to their parents.

Marriage: The newlyweds and dowry sisters prepare to board the limo together, and be careful not to step on the threshold when going out, so as not to harm the natal family.

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