The bride secretary behind the wedding

Modern people’s requirements for wedding quality and self-styling are becoming more and more refined. The trend of the bride secretary tailoring the bride’s overall styling and assisting in personal affairs on the wedding day has gradually flourished. Bride secretary entrepreneurship is an emerging industry in recent years, assisting brides and grooms to complete all matters on the day of their wedding. The peak wedding season in June is approaching. If you want to be a beautiful bride, you must find a good bride secretary. This has also become the most troublesome topic for new people.

The bride secretary is the exclusive overall stylist for the bride’s wedding banquet. In addition to taking care of the bride’s beauty, he can also put on makeup for mother, mother-in-law, bridesmaid and important VIPs. The service content is divided into single-pack/engagement half-day full-day and half-day wedding Tian waits for projects, and provides considerate on-site services. Before marriage, you can also consult the bride’s secretary about etiquette and customs, and the new secret will accompany you to the bridal shop to select dresses, so that you can understand your desired style at the first time.

The price of the bride secretary ranges from thousands to tens of thousands yuan. Different charging standards will be generated according to the service items, working hours, and regions. Yuan Shan reminds everyone that the price is certainly a consideration for choosing a bride secretary, but it costs a penny. Part of the goods, some bride secretaries, in order to attract customers, adopt a mode of reducing service items and quality to achieve lower prices, or use cheap or inferior quality products for styling, so when negotiating prices, be sure to take these potential problems into consideration .

When the bride makes an appointment for the bride’s secretary time, he will ask for the signing of a contract and a deposit in advance, so that both parties are guaranteed. Basically, once the contract is signed, it must be executed in accordance with the content, and there is no workaround. Therefore, it is recommended to communicate with the bride secretary more before signing the contract to understand the changes in some situations, such as: what to do if the wedding day suddenly changes, whether the bride secretary serves the bride all day, and will not reduce the service quality due to the rush, and the bride secretary cannot Be late, etc. It is best to explain these clearly in advance, otherwise disputes will easily arise.

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