Taiwan’s traditional etiquette and dowry

For some more traditional Taiwanese families, the dowry money is a gift money to be collected from the man when marrying a daughter. After all, when the daughter is raised to the age of marriage, she will definitely leave her parents, so this is considered a marriage custom. The bride price and the bride price are prepared through communication and agreement between the two families. On the day of the engagement, traditional Taiwanese custom gifts are offered. Whether it is a big bride price, a small bride price or rice fragrant cakes, in addition to the gift cakes as the main gift for the line hire, Other gifts are also used to cooperate to show grandeur.

In the traditional custom, the salary is divided into big hires and small hires, the number should be an even number, and it should be wrapped in red paper. The purpose of the big hire is to show the man’s ostentation and family background; the small hire is the southern part to thank the woman’s family for giving birth to a daughter. Therefore, the woman always accepts the small hire and returns the big hire to the man. Modern courtesy bridesmaids have been hired regardless of size. On the day of the engagement, the bride price will be sent to the woman’s home along with other courtesies, and will be refunded to the man after the engagement ceremony. However, some traditional women’s parents still ask for a small hire as a daughter The cost of buying a new home or honeymoon.

Wedding cakes are also divided into big cakes and small cakes. Big cakes refer to traditional pastries or rice fragrant; small cakes are modern Western-style engagement boxes. The more the pie, the heavier it is, the more it is given to the woman’s house. Nowadays, Western-style engagement boxes are the mainstream, and cakes can be distributed to the elders only in limited order. The top cloth refers to the dress fabric prepared by the man for the bride. In modern times, the bride chooses suitable and practical clothes and accessories from beginning to end. As for the gold jewellery, the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law choose together.

The three necessary ritual incense, ritual candle and salute are used to burn incense to worship the ancestors and to burn cannons. In addition to adding a lively atmosphere, it also lets neighbors know the good news of their daughter’s marriage. In addition, the four-color sugar, including winter melon sugar, rock sugar, orange cake and candies, means sweetness and old age; rice and sugar should be prepared for the wife to make glutinous rice balls and sweet tea on the wedding day, which means a happy reunion; The circle represents prosperous descendants and many descendants. The cooked sacrifice includes two portions of chicken, fish, and meat, which means that the newlyweds start up smoothly and the family is auspicious, and the bride must be a good wife and a good mother.

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