Pre-marital skin care and beauty

Every bride hopes that on the day of their wedding, they can firmly grasp the eyes of the guests and become the most beautiful, elegant and outstanding focus of attention, so the pre-maintenance work is particularly important. If you want to shine on your wedding day, good skin is the basic guarantee. For the most beautiful moment in life, start preparing at least three months before the wedding.

Special care: Eliminate more obvious skin problems (such as rough skin, sensitivity, acne, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, etc.), as well as maintenance of the neck, back, arms and legs, regardless of whether you wear various slings, You can show flawless skin in a backless or sleeveless dress. Daily care: With beauty as the driving force, adhere to daily care for cleansing and moisturizing every morning and evening, and special care for scrubbing and cleansing skin and applying facial mask once a week, with healthy meals, exercise and sleep. Nourish the skin inside and outside to ensure a healthy glow from the inside out. Ease the mood: ease the tension in the week before the wedding, and welcome the grand event of life with a happy mood.

On the big day, the face makeup is most afraid of unnatural makeup, so the previous preparations should not be sloppy. In order to avoid the accumulation of cuticles, making makeup difficult or unnatural, it is recommended that newcomers should start exfoliating twice a week to remove them. The face is thick and horny. In addition, thorough daily makeup removal and cleansing are still the most important facial maintenance tasks before marriage; skin massage can be given to promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism.

In addition, daily cleaning and maintenance work is absolutely indispensable, especially during the pre-marital period that is under abnormal pressure and tension, so it is best to perform maintenance work three months before the wedding. Maintenance is carried out once every 1 to 2 weeks. Regularly communicate with the beautician and choose suitable skin care products according to your skin condition. During this time, you should pay special attention to your daily routine, take in a balanced nutrition, and do a good job of cleaning, maintaining, conditioning, and radiance. The best skin with radiant and radiant looks, in order to dress up on the wedding day more natural and durable, bright and confident. The day before the wedding, don’t forget to do some small preparations, such as hand care, eyebrow trimming, hair removal, etc. It is best to apply a moisture mask at night to make tomorrow’s makeup look more durable and envious of the audience.

Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels

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