Pre-marital health check

Pre-marital health checkup is a type of health checkup. The general health check has two purposes: (1) To understand the health of the body for reference in future medical care. (2) For certain purposes or other needs, such as insurance, employment, employment, examination, service, marriage, etc. The pre-marital health check has both the purposes of both. On the one hand, it can know one’s health status, and on the other hand, it can further understand the impact of the health of both parties on the next generation.

According to the survey, only one of every four newly-married couples in China undergoes pre-marital health check-ups. Major hospitals also actively promote pre-marital health check-ups and provide reproductive function checks and eugenic health care consultations. The most important purpose of the pre-marital health check is to allow both parties to understand the physical health of both parties before entering the auditorium, and to prevent both parties from deliberately concealing some recessive diseases, or some genetic dominant inheritance of both parties, causing a period of disagreement. Happy marriage or unhealthy next generation. If a disease is detected, it can be detected and treated earlier, so that a better next generation can be born. This shows how important a pre-marital health check is.

Generally speaking, it is best for newlyweds who want to enter the auditorium to do a pre-marital health check six months before preparing to get married. The content of the pre-marital health check will vary according to the health status or gender of the case. For those who are completely healthy, only the most basic items are enough; but for high-risk groups where the individual has a medical condition, or has a special disease in the family, or a genetic disease, relevant inspection items will be added for further understanding.

A complete pre-marital health checkup is a general physical examination item, and emphasizes the understanding of physical and mental conditions and family disease history. If a suspected case is found after the checkup, further genetic disease, mental disease, and infectious disease checks will be given according to the situation. General pre-marital health examination items are as follows: Physical examination-height, weight, blood pressure, vision and chest, abdomen, and genital examinations. Inspection part-urine, blood type, blood cell count, syphilis, AIDS test, hepatitis B antigen antibody, and chest X-ray. In addition, semen analysis for men and rubella antibody test for women.

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