Notarized marriage ceremony

Notarized marriage is not only simple and formal, but also allows couples to save a lot of marriage expenses, as a fund for life after marriage. Moreover, notarized marriage saves time and effort, and does not require labor. Because modern people are busy with their work, notarized marriage has become the only trend in the modern society that has moved towards high speed, and it is indeed a very practical method.

The procedure of a notarized marriage is generally similar to that of a hotel ceremony. Notarized marriages, from registration applications to salutes, are all carried out in various courts. Although it is not as lively as restaurant wedding banquets, table setting or hotel weddings, it does not have a sacred and solemn feeling. The formalities of notarized marriage are quite simple. The newlyweds only need to go to the notary office of the district court to register their marriage a few days before the marriage. Then they will be dressed neatly on the day of the marriage and arrive at the notary office’s notarized marriage hall 30 minutes before the registration time. The judge will personally Witness the marriage and hold the wedding ceremony.

The married person should first go to the welfare agency in the court to purchase a notarization request and a marriage certificate. When applying for a notarized marriage registration, please bring the original, photocopy and seal of the national identity card of both parties to the marriage. The original and photocopy of the national identity card of two witnesses who have reached the age of 20 must also be provided. The witness must be unrelated to the married person. Newcomers do not have to wear a formal dress, but they must be neat and generous. And the notary office has the groom’s tie, bow tie, bride’s dress veil, flower balls, gloves and corsages, etc., which are free for new couples to borrow. Other people attending the wedding should also be neatly dressed, and it is not advisable to dress excessively and wear jeans.

Although the notarized marriage ceremony is not as gorgeous and lively as the salute in a hotel, the marriage by a judge and married with other couples has a special sacred and solemn meaning. The most important thing is that notarized marriage is a good choice for new couples who are careful about their marriage expenses.

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