Marriage taboos

Marriage is a lifelong event. Although marriage taboos are a custom handed down since ancient times, the younger generation is slowly changing. Marriage taboos are not so important anymore, and even the methods of marriage have become more and more trendy. Provided here Some of the more familiar marriage taboos are for reference.

(1) Avoid getting married in the ghost month, which is the seventh month of the lunar calendar.
(2) After the bed is set up and on the eve of the wedding eve, the bridegroom-to-be should not sleep alone in the new bed, but can find a Chinese zodiac and underage boy to accompany him, such as the dragon.
(3) Avoid watching rituals that belong to the tiger of the zodiac, because the tiger will hurt others, so as not to cause disharmony or infertility.
(4) After the wedding banquet is over, neither party can say goodbye, otherwise there will be the meaning of remarrying.
(5) When the bride leaves her natal family, she should cry as hard as possible. It means crying, not crying.
(6) On the way to the marriage, if you encounter another team marrying the team, called “Xi Chong Xi”, it will offset each other’s blessings, so firecrackers must be set off each other, or the matchmakers of the two parties must exchange flowers to resolve it.
(7) The mirror in the bridal room should not be loaned to others within four months of the wedding, and should not be shining upon others. Therefore, the dowry wardrobe or dressing table with mirrors are covered with red paper and can be removed within four months.
(8) The bride’s clothes should not have pockets, because the pockets will take away her family’s belongings; also avoid having two pieces of cloth stitched together to avoid the feelings of the couple.
(9) Avoid staying out overnight within four months of newlyweds.
(10) Avoid participating in other people’s weddings and funerals and celebrations within four months of newlyweds to avoid conflicts.
(11) On the day of the wedding, no one can touch the new bed until they go to bed at night, let alone the bride on the day.
(12) On the day of Guining, the newlyweds must leave their natal home before sunset, and must not stay at the natal home overnight. If there is a special reason that cannot go home, the husband and wife should sleep separately, so as not to collide with the natal family and make them unlucky.

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