Make marriage longer

Nowadays, the divorce rate is getting higher and higher, but there are still many long and happy marriages, and there are secrets worthy of reference.

People who love each other, only by learning to appreciate, love can last. Learning to appreciate is an art of love. A mountain is seen as a ridge on the side, with different distances and heights. For sweethearts, you should also learn to appreciate from multiple angles. Appreciating each other is largely a taste for details. After all, the earth-shaking feelings between husband and wife are a minority, and more are ordinary lives. This requires us to savor and appreciate with our heart. Perhaps you will experience the affection of your husband from a small accessory that your husband bought for you; perhaps you will read your wife’s concern from the look in your wife’s eyes.

For men, affirmation of abilities, appreciation of talents, and gratitude for hard work are the three emotional needs they desire from marriage. Therefore, when wives must not attack men’s abilities and hurt their self-esteem; when evaluating the talents of husbands, do not regard economic strength as the only criterion. A man’s sense of responsibility and hobbies are all important aspects of evaluating a man’s talent.

Women’s emotional needs in marriage have three points. One is that they are often cared for. What a woman cares most about is whether her emotions are understood. A husband should care about his wife’s psychological state every day. For instance, ask how are you getting along today? More considerate than any material reward. The second is the affirmation of being loved. Every woman wants to be affirmed that her husband likes herself, so she keeps asking if you love me? If a man understands a woman’s heart, adopts the strategy of defensive as an offensive, and takes the initiative to express the love I miss you so much, this emotional need of a woman can be better met. The third is that ideas are respected. Depriving a woman of the right to feel is the worst thing a man can do.

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