Healthy honeymoon life

A healthy honeymoon life has a great impact on the harmony of the sex life of both men and women after marriage and the happiness of the family. How to live the honeymoon life of the newlyweds is a question that every newlywed couple is concerned about.

During the honeymoon period, sex will be more frequent, making women susceptible to bacterial infection. If you do not pay attention to sexual organ hygiene or the bride’s menstrual period, the bride will easily be infected with honeymoon diseases such as upper urethritis, cystitis, and endometritis during intercourse. Honeymoon cystitis. Simply put, it is cystitis that is especially easy to get due to frequent sex during the honeymoon. To prevent contracting cystitis during the honeymoon, remember to drink plenty of water and take vitamin C to acidify the urine and inhibit the growth of bacteria; after going to the toilet, wipe the anus from front to back to avoid bringing E. coli into the vagina during sexual intercourse , Urethra. In addition, going to the toilet before sexual intercourse can help flush out the bacteria in the vagina, and after sexual intercourse, going to the toilet can also effectively wash the bladder. Therefore, the following points should be noted: (1) Honeymoon travel avoids the woman’s menstrual period. (2) Wash the vulva before sex. (3) Change and wash underwear frequently. (4) Traveling should restrain sexual life. (5) Honeymoon travel is best arranged after the third day of the wedding, and the travel time should not be too long. Three to seven days is appropriate.

In addition, from the perspective of eugenics, newlyweds and honeymooners are not suitable for pregnancy. Because the sex life is frequent after newly married, the sperm quality is not high, which is not good for the healthy development of the fetus. Obstetrics and gynecology experts believe that women who become pregnant as soon as they get married are more likely to suffer from pregnancy poisoning than women who conceive one year after marriage. This is closely related to excessive fatigue and frequent sex life of newlyweds. Therefore, for your own health and prenatal and postnatal care, you should insist on contraception when traveling.

When tasting local famous foods and special delicacies during the tour, you must pay attention to food hygiene and remember to overeating. The taste of the diet should be light and nutritious, eat less raw and cold greasy food, not drink raw water, and not eat spoiled food to avoid intestinal diseases.

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