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In modern times, in this era full of travelers, holding a wedding overseas is of course no problem. An overseas wedding should not only be an impulse incidental to a certain trip, but can also be a planned wedding and honeymoon trip. Many celebrities choose to go abroad to complete life-long events when they get married to avoid media chasing. However, today with increasingly avant-garde concepts, overseas weddings are no longer the patent of celebrities. If the newcomers entering the auditorium want to have a special memory, To accomplish lifelong events while traveling, overseas weddings are a fresh choice.

In fact, the atmosphere of holding overseas weddings in foreign countries has been loved by young people in recent years. Guam, which is relatively close, can hold weddings for less than 150,000 yuan. It is most popular among Taiwanese. More than half of overseas weddings are held in Guam every year; Bali, Hawaii, and even Europe, Greece, Italy and other places have a 100% romantic index and are becoming more and more popular. At present, there are travel agencies in China to handle overseas wedding matters. As long as you spend tens of thousands of yuan, you can choose an appropriate location to book each other for life according to your own personality and preferences.

As for the price tag, a newlywed couple holds a wedding and honeymoon trip. The cheapest Bali itinerary is about 60,000 to 80,000 yuan for five days and four nights; the most popular Guam wedding is about 12-15 for a couple. Ten thousand yuan, if you want a top luxury overseas wedding, hundreds of thousands or millions of yuan is no problem, it depends on the budget. According to unofficial statistics, excluding wedding banquet expenses, the average engagement and wedding expenses of a couple, including large hires, small hires, photos, etc., are as high as 661 thousand yuan. If an overseas wedding is held together with a honeymoon trip, return The overall cost of a wedding banquet in a Taiwan office is not necessarily high, but it is important to have rare memories.

Everyone wants a different wedding. For newlyweds who intend to hold an overseas wedding, they should compare various wedding companies in advance, and communicate with the wedding company after the selection, and create wedding specifications according to their needs.

Photo by Doğukan Benli from Pexels

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