Why Is Digital TV Better Than Analog TV?

To believe this one, go watch them both and see the difference.. The quality of picture and sound are of top quality which provides you ultimate excitement and satisfaction while watching your favorite programs. Digital TV compresses images which help to broadcast multiple channels at a similar band width. Whereas Analog which is usually called as SDTV uses magnetic waves to transmit and display pictures and sound which has been traditionally used. The special features available in Digital TV is surround sound, high quality and sharper pictures which is all requires for the newest evolution of television the High Definition Television.

Compared to the analog the SDTV is important because it provides more channels from a similar station. If you observe the analog broad casting you’ll find that it’s a hassle the capacity to accommodate only a couple of stations. Where like digital it contains more information than the analog.

If you have already got an analog set and need to upgrade it to a digital one its possible by using digital tuner decoder though it’ll display the top quality pictures as provided by the original digital sets. In todays market you find digital quality sets are available and the best news is that their prices have decreased.

The cable providers always don’t supply with digital cables which digital signals. As such cables don’t meet the standards when a digital cable is connected to a digital TV it’ll receive only analog signal, thus eliminating the benefits of a digital television. A solution for this can be the digital quality pictures provided by satellite service providers.

Digital TV is used for the newest innovation in entertainment the HDTV. Here you get to watch pictures during a wider screen with more clarity than in analog sets. The picture quality and therefore the audio clarity are much better as compared with the analog.

If this revolution from analog to digital continues what about consumers who have analog system may be a question which ponders the minds of the many .

For this a transition period has been set up which is thru the year 2006. If necessity requires then which will be extended too.

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