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The Ultimate Secret Of Cure For Depression

Depression is an awful illness. If you suffer from it, it can make your life a living hell. things to carefully think about of self-question, feelings of weakness that could be used to hurt someone or something and hopelessness, cannot sleep or oversleeping, feelings of anger or irritability, loss of energy, strong feelings of self-loathing, worthlessness or guilt, problems concentrating and suicidal thoughts are all common symptoms and may all make life seem pointless.

Then there is the stigma, that even in the 21st century is still attached to mental illness. People with depression are sometimes thought of as weak and stupid and told to “just recover from it”, which in fact just makes Depression worse. 350 million people suffer from depression globally, and fewer than half of them get any kind of treatment for it due to this stigma, which is simply terrible.

Then, people who seek treatment are given antidepressants to treat their illness. The trouble is, antidepressants have a really low success rate, and even what’s considered to be a ‘success’ is simply a lessening of symptoms – they don’t cure depression at all. Plus, these pills come with awful side effects. These include a risk for increased hatred, upset/shaking, fear and stress and sexual (harmful, angry behaviors). The worst side effect has got to be a risk that suicidal thoughts will increase. Yes, that’s right, for a depressed one that could also be having suicidal thoughts, the standard course of action is to prescribe them a drug which is known to increase suicidal thoughts! Antidepressants also can cause severe withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking them abruptly.

These drugs also cost a small fortune. Even if you’re lucky enough to live in a country with a National Health Service just like the UK, you still got to buy the prescription to get them from the pharmacy. That’s around $15 every 2 weeks, or roughly $400 a year – all without any guarantee of success.

Different alternatives individuals with despondency have are discussion treatment, advising or psychotherapy. While these sessions are known to own a far better success rate than antidepressants, they need one major drawback: They cost a fortune! It is not unusual for a top psychiatrist to charge over $800 for an hour of their time, and can usually mean a visit each week. And do these sorts of treatment come with any guarantees of getting your money back if they fail? Of course not!

There has to be a far better way to treat depression than simply throwing pills at the situation or charging ridiculous amounts of cash for an hour of someone’s time. There should be a cure for it, instead of something that ‘might’ lessen the symptoms. We put a person on the moon, we invented the web where the answers to almost any question mankind has ever asked can be found at our fingertips, we live in the 21st century for Pete’s sake! There has got to be a way to really cure this illness doesn’t there?

Fortunately, there is….

A guy from the united kingdom called James Gordon believes he has found the cure. He had experienced wretchedness for more than 20 years, and had recently gone through years on antidepressants which gave him all manner of side effects without helping, and spent thousands on therapy sessions without success. He finally snapped one day and decided to seek out a cure for depression himself.

He then spent years investigating everything about depression that might discover. He trawled the internet and browse thousands of articles on the topic, searched through dozens of medical books and consulted countless specialists. He even downloaded many digital books and systems composed by life mentors and respected experts, watched many hours of videos, talked with people that battled with depression themselves who had recovered, and even met with people that had attempted suicide and survived to listen to their stories.

What he ended up with was a 7-step plan which eliminated depression from his life completely in only 8 weeks, and never returned. He has now packaged it into what’s called The Destroy Depression System™ and made it available to everyone with an internet connection. And he also GUARANTEES it will work. When was the last time a pharmaceutical company or therapist did that?

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