How to Make Certain That Your Business Outstrips The Competition

What’s the very best thing that could happen to you when you go out to do some shopping? OK, it is probably that you find precisely what you came out for at a giveaway price. So , what’s the next best thing that could happen to you? The staff in the outlet treat you like royalty, right!

Presently answer me this question, “if being dealt like royalty can make you feel good, why more shops do not do it?”

The NLP Practitioner who trained me made to spend ages getting myself into a good state to deal with any situation that might come along. He firmly believed, and I now also believe, that if you treat folks the way that you would enjoy being treated yourself you will always have plenty of customers.

The trick to always being able to treat folks right is to ensure you are in the right mindset and frame of feeling to do it. The challenge is that a lot of the time we allow ourselves to be engrossed in our own thoughts and feelings and forget to pay attention to the people around us.

Nevertheless clients are “other people” they are in fact “significant other people”. They are our livelihood and we should invariably be in the right mood to pander to their requirements.

The challenge is to ensure that you are in the right state when you must be. There are 2 ways that you could do this by. The first is a bit dangerous. The moment you see a customer you kick your mind into gear, plaster a grin onto your face and greet them profusely. The risk is that you may be chuntering away to yourself while you do this and the bad talk going on within you could show on the outside.

The second’s to make it your habit to always talk “good talk” to yourself. The moment you find yourself thinking bad thoughts, talk them out of your mind. You must be disciplined about this. Do it all of the time and very soon it will become second nature for you to be in the right frame of mind and frame of feeling to treat your clients like royalty.

As you can see a precision instrument that records the actions, words and feelings of the best performers. At that point download that information to a powerful decoder that analyses and codes the behavior. Transfer the code to your personal control panel so that you can replicate excellence at will. This is how NLP Techniques work. NLP Practitioner David Ferrers will show you how to make your own control board during Business Coaching, or at one of his NLP Training workshops or during NLP Practitioner Training in India.

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